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Welcome to our Frequently Asked Questions page.

Hopefully this page will answer any questions or queries you may have about glue dots or any of our adhesive based product lines, however if we don’t cover below what it is you are looking for, feel free to contact us directly  on 01274 466 666!

What other products do you offer apart from glue dots?

We offer a range of adhesive based products specifically for hand finishing, point of sale and card embellishment such as products to hold CDs or DVDs, double sided foam pads, circular discs, glue tape rollers, double sided tapes, Velcro products, euro slots, duo discs, glue dots on sheets and high performance binding tapes. We can also source other products.

Do you have equipment that will speed up the application of glue dots, discs, tape?

We have various machines and guns that will speed up the application of the products, tell our sales team what your job entails and they will recommend the best way to speed it up.

Can you make us some thicker, coloured or domed glue dots?

We offer bespoke dots or strips to fit gaps and recesses. We can also manufacture coloured or perfumed dots (minimum quantities apply). Please contact one of our sales team for more information.

Can we have samples for testing before we purchase?

We offer a free next day samples service to all our customers to make sure they can choose the most suitable product for their applications.

How long will the adhesive take to cure?

All adhesives including glue dots & tapes will sink into porous surfaces over a period of time, the more porous the surface the quicker the adhesive will cure, if the surface is non-porous i.e. glass or plastic, the adhesion you obtain will not alter.

Do you have any products that will stick difficult laminated surfaces?

We offer, from stock, special high performance tapes to fix laminates. Available in two formats - flush for hand application or on rolls to fit an ATG gun.

What is the latest time we can place orders?

Our sales team can accept your orders for next day delivery up to 4.00pm every day.

Can you deliver a million glue dots tomorrow?

Yes, we carry large stocks of most taks and glue dots on the shelf and because we have 5 machines manufacturing we can change what we produce to accommodate our customers.

Can we have an order next day?

Yes - 95% of our deliveries are made on a next day basis from stock.

Can we be certain there are 5,000 glue dots on the 5,000 dot roll?

Yes, due to the production methods and the strict ISO procedures we have in place we are able to ensure that there are the correct amount of  glue dots plus overs on each roll we provide.

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