• Fast, easy and non-messy to use.
  • Manufactured in-house using a vacuum-formed process.
  • Available in black, white and clear (and bespoke colours on request; minimum order applies).
  • Packed in bags of 1,000.
  • Available for next-day delivery.

 For an alternative CD fixing mechanism, see our SuperSpiders and SuperStuds.


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In 2013 we changed the plastic used to manufacture SuperCentres from PVC to APET, the reason for this change is twofold. Firstly PVC is becoming harder to purchase with fewer suppliers supplying PVC which is leading to supply issues. Secondly APET is a more eco-friendly plastic offering better sustainability over PVC, APET is also safer if burnt as it does not give off any harmful gasses like PVC.

The performance of the SuperCentres will not change as they will be manufactured with the same moulds and the adhesive backing will remain the same. Fantastak Limited is always looking forward and trying to anticipate any issues with regards quality, safety and cost.

SuperCentres enable compact discs to be attached to a wide range of surfaces, so you can apply the self-adhesive backing to literature and promotional items such as presentation packs, binders and mailers. Simple and lightweight, they enable the CD to easily click onto and off the device as often as required.


Larger Order?

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